View Your Medical Information Online

With myBeaumontChart electronic medical record, you can:

  • access lab and imaging test results online within days after having them; no waiting for a call or letter from your doctor
  • review your medications, immunizations, allergies and medical history when your doctor enters them into your electronic chart
  • review after visit summaries and discharge instructions anytime your are hospitalized in the Beaumont Health System
  • access health information from Medline Plus, a trusted source in the medical community

Stay In Touch With Your Physician

  • your physician can communicate with you by e-mail – and the information is secure
  • request refills of your medication online

Manage Appointments and Hospital Bills

  • make an appointment for screening mammograms
  • request your next doctor’s appointment online
  • view details of past and upcoming appointments
  • request an appointment for an outpatient test at a Beaumont Health System facility
  • pay your Beaumont Health System bill online

Your information is safe from unauthorized access because myBeaumontChart is password-protected and delivered by an encrypted connection.

Frequently Asked Questions About myBeaumontChart


What if my doctor does not participate in the myBeaumontChart program?

If your doctor does not participate, you will still have access to view test results for laboratory and imaging tests processed by Beaumont. You will also be able to view appointments you’ve scheduled for tests at a Beaumont facility.

What if my doctor is not a Beaumont doctor?

If your doctor is not a Beaumont doctor, you will not be able to access your doctor office visits through myBeaumontChart. If your laboratory or imaging tests were processed at a Beaumont facility, you will see the results in your chart.

How do I know if my doctor participates in the myBeaumontChart program?

Ask your doctor if they are using Beaumont’s oneChart electronic medical record and are offering patient access to their chart.

Is there a fee to use myBeaumontChart?

myBeaumontChart is offered free of charge.

I signed up for myBeaumontChart and don’t see any past information. Why not?

Information will be visible from the date you activate your account.

Why don’t I see my office visit summary in myBeaumontChart?

If you do not see this information in your chart, it means your doctor does not document office visits in the same electronic medical record system that myBeaumontChart links to.

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To get started

In order to begin access myBeaumontChart, you will need an activation code (this activation code is necessary to keep your record safe and secure).

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Request an Access Code (on the lower left).
  3. Complete the Request an Access Code form and click submit.
  4. This form will be sent to Beaumont’s medical records department. We will process your request and will¬†mail you a letter (via U.S. Postal Service) with your activation code and instructions. Your letter should arrive within four business days of submitting it.
  5. Once you receive your activation code, you can complete the sign up process.

For questions or more information, ask your Beaumont doctor, or call 248-597-2727.

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