Beaumont Northpointe Heart Center physicians participate with most major insurance companies, including but not limited to Medicare, BCBS, Medicaid, PPOM, Blue Care Network, Health Alliance Plan, MCare, Aetna and Cigna.

Due to the complex and ever changing health insurance environment, it is very important that we have current and accurate information. We can’t process your claim promptly and correctly without correct information. In the event we have incomplete, or incorrect information, you may be responsible for the services. Therefore, we ask that you present all current insurance cards at every visit to Beaumont Northpointe Heart Center.

ATTENTION: If your medical insurance coverage is provided by a HMO/Managed Care plan, you are required to obtain a written referral/ insurance authorization from your Primary Care Physician (PCP) prior to each and every visit. Without an authorization, we may need to cancel and reschedule your appointment or you may be responsible for the charges.

Our reimbursement specialists are available to answer billing questions. However, your own insurance carrier representatives can best answer questions regarding specific insurance coverage, for example deductible and co-pay amounts and if a certain service will be covered.


As a patient, you are responsible for all co-pays and deductibles as specified by your current insurance plan. These payments are expected at the time of service.

For your convenience you may pay by cash, personal check, Visa,  MasterCard, AMEX, Discover. However, if your medical bill poses a hardship, we would be happy to set up a payment program in advance. Please contact one of our Reimbursement Specialists to make appropriate arrangements. They can be reached at 800-582-1101.

If you have questions regarding your current Billing statement, please contact Beaumont Financial Services at 800-582-1101.